Novelty Pants in SNAKES PRINT are a jeans-style pants with both front and back pockets, belt loops detail, and a zip front. Made to order based on size and inseam. 


SIZES      WAIST        HIPS

XS            23-24.       32-34

Small        25-26.       35-36

Medium    27-28.       37-38

Large        29-31.       39-41

XL            32-34.       42-44

XXL.         35-37.       35-37


***Length of pants will be 34 inches unless otherwise specified. 


100% Handmade in California by Sublime Designs

Jeans Style Pant in SNAKES PRINT

  • All materials used in our pieces are of highest quality available. Each of our beautiful designs are handmade by the designer with the utmost care and attention to detail.  

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